NCLEX - CGFNS : Cultural Diversity (1)

Nurses will care for clients who come from ethnic, cultural, or religious backgrounds that are different from their own. Acknowledgment and acceptance of cultural diversity with nonjudgmental attitude are essential for nurse to provide culturally sensitive care.

Some questions of NCLEX-RN exam or CGFNS test are about cultural diversity, how nurse give a care to client with different ethnic, cultural and religion.

  • They are competent in standard English based on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Head nodding does not mean agreement.
  • Direct contact is interpreted as rudeness or aggressive.
  • Personal question that is asked on initial contact may be viewed as intrusive.
  • They are comfortable with close personal space when interacting with family and friends.
  • Relationship is more important than being on time.
  • Extended family are important and the elderly are respected.
  • Religious beliefs are sources of strength.
  • They believe that illness can be prevented by nutrition, rest and cleanliness.
  • Most of them have the health risk : Hypertension, sickle cell anemia, hearth disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, and lactose intolerance.

According to that cultural diversity, as a nurse, you should build a relationship based on trust with them, be flexible and avoid rigidity in scheduling nursing care, clarify the meaning of client's verbal and nonverbal behavior, and encourage family involvement. Nursing care for them may go to the alternative modes of healing such as herbs, prayer, and laying on of hands.

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