NCLEX - CGFNS : Cultural Diversity (2)

  • They may use languages include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and English
  • They act "silence" as a value thing
  • Eye contact may be considered inappropriate or disrespectful and criticism or disagreement is also not expressed verbally
  • Head nodding doesn't mean agreement and the word "no" may be interpreted as disrespect for others
  • Preference is for a formal personal space except with family and close friends
  • During conversation, they usually do not touch each others.
  • Touching is unacceptable with opposite sex
  • Do not touch someone on the head, because the head is considered to be sacred, and touching it is considered disrespectful
  • Many Asian American Members are devoted to tradition and extended family network are common
  • Men have the power and authority, and women are expected to be obedient.
  • Their family unit is structured and hierarchical
  • They view education as important
  • Religions among them include Taoism (Buddhism), Islam, and Christianity.
  • Health is a state of physical and spiritual harmony with nature and a balance between yin and yang (positive and negative energy forces), and illness is viewed as an imbalance between yin and yang

  • Yin foods are cold and yang foods are hot so one eats cold foods when has a hot illness, and one eats hot foods when has a cold illness
  • Health risks are Hypertension, Cancer, Heart disease, Lactose Intolerance and Thalassemia

So as a nurse when giving care to the Asian American client should consider :
  • Limit eye contact and avoid gesturing with hand
  • Avoid physical excessive touching, and only touch head when necessary and informing them before doing so.
  • Female client prefers a female health care provider / nurse
  • Flexibe and avoid rigidity in giving them nursing care and ancourage family involvement.
  • Consider alternative treatment including herbs, acupuncture, restoration of balance with foods, massage, and offering of prayers and incense

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